Homemade Electric Skateboard

This was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted an electric skateboard, ever since I was a kid watching videos of people like Casey Neistat cruising on their Boosted Boards. Unfortunately, they were too expensive for me. So when I heard an Institution of Engineers (IE) sponsored project competition was coming to our college, I instantly signed up and started building this skateboard. I bought a cheap skateboard and used the battery from my old hoverboard. It was perfect for the 36V hub motor that I bought from eBay. It was all controlled using a microcontroller fitted underneath the truck. I bought a 3rd party Bluetooth remote that was perfect for this application.
The hardest part of the entire project was to extend the axle in the skateboard because the hub motor was too wide for the small skateboard. So I had to get a separate rod with similar gauge and thread it with the exact same thread. Then I had to weld it to the tiny axle, keeping it as straight as possible. All in all, it was an amazing experience.
I won 1st place for this. And I let all my friends ride on it afterwards until the battery died. Was a good day.