The primary objective of this paper is to demonstrate that artificial intelligence can surely do more than just read us the daily news headlines or tell us if we should wear red or blue. They are surely far more advanced than that, especially if a person like Elon Musk thinks AI is what will eventually end the human race. There are many reasons to use and improve AI. Some of them include health, education, helping with disabilities, industrial applications, computing applications etc..

Artificial intelligence, in terms of vision will most probably refer to computer vision. Computer Vision uses AI to convert physical objects to digital data using an AI algorithm. It is this computer vision that we use for the various vision applications. Computer vision infused with AI can be used to help the blind to virtually see and help robots to better understand the world around them. It is this vision that we will concentrate on, in this paper.

KEYWORDS: Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Computer Vision, Machine vision, Blind, Eyes.


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