Energy is the primary and most universal measure of all kinds of work by human beings and nature. Energy is a crucial input in the process of economic, social and industrial development. As conventional energy sources are depleting day by day, utilization of alternative energy sources is the only solution. The increased power demand, depleting fossil fuel resources and growing environmental pollution have led the world to think seriously for other alternative sources of energy. Basic concepts of alternative energy resources are related to the issues of sustainability, renewability and pollution reduction. Here we have discussed about various alternative energy resources and their usability for future demands.

Development of any country is directly related to the energy resources present since energy is the backbone of technology. To meet the necessary demands great pressures have been created on the natural energy resources. Thus it is essential for today’s world to concentrate on renewable ones to satisfy the demand and conserve our finite natural resources for the generations to come. Since the major energy comes from the finite, non renewable fossil fuels thus it becomes crucial to look for other renewable alternate energy sources such as Solar, Wind, and Biomass etc. In this paper, we will concentrate on those sources of energy and its sustainability in the the near future.

KEYWORDS: Non-Conventional energy, Sustainability, Energy Sources, India, Future.


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