Invisible Eye | Advanced Surveillance System


The primary goal for this topic is to provide a simple, safe and reliable method of surveillance for individuals as well as industries. This will give us the power to protect our belongings and also not be too intruding by not installing large security cameras that make innocent people feel violated of their privacy. This method involves installing a tiny camera connected to a micro-controller that powers and controls the whole system. It also consists of a camera that will shoot the video and send the footage live to the user through GSM.

A few sensors are also allotted to detect when there is movement in front of the place being protected. This is so that the camera doesn’t record all the time and only record when there is movement and a suspect is nearby. The biggest advantage is that we can avoid having to wade through hours of footage of empty rooms and also avoid having to install multiple cameras to cover a single room. Invisible Eye security system solves many of the problems faced by the multiple camera based systems at an easily affordable cost.

Such a system would consist of three components; sensors that detect the intrusion, the camera that slews to the point of intrusion and takes pictures or records a video and the keypad that is used to interface with the system which allows any person to disable the system by entering the right password.

KEYWORDS: Surveillance, Camera, Micro-controller, GSM, wireless, security, IOT.


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