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Hello! My name is Prakash.

a student

an engineer

an entrepreneur

a youtuber

a blogger

YouTube Channel & Blog

I make well-shot videos of projects, tech and other cool things that interest me.

This blog is my medium for expressing my deepest interests and fascinations.

About Me

I am a passionate and straight forward engineer and student who is fascinated by technology, robots and simply all things electrical. I grew up in The Kingdom of Bahrain for the first 15 years of my life where I learnt valuable lessons and encountered unforgettable memories. Soon after, I joined a polytechnic college in my little hometown in India where I dove deeper into electrical and electronics engineering. By the end I received the gold medal for Best Outgoing Student which was my goal since the very first day. After this I joined KCT Coimbatore for B.E. in EEE through lateral entry and am currently studying there in my 3rd academic year. I am very active in my department association and clubs like HAM Club, Qubate Club (debate and quiz) and Robotics and Automation Club, where I am currently serving as secretary and EE division lead.


I am specialized in Robotics and Automation. I am also very knowledgable in motors and motor control.


My ultimate aim in life is to lead a successful and influential business. Some say I’m a good leader, so I’m aiming for executive positions with a technical background.


One of my favorite hobbies is making cool and unique electronic projects. I have made many more over the past several years than I can remember and document. But here are the ones that I think are noteworthy.


Writing technical papers is something that I absolutely enjoy! It gives me a reason to learn something new and also express my newfound knowledge to the entire world.

Roles &

Keystone Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This is a SIEMENS Distributer where I worked as a Full Stack Automation Engineer. I worked on the automation of a new plant for Andritz Pulp and Paper, Chengdu, China

Sudharsanam Spinning Mills

I worked as an Automation and Service Technician. I worked with massive arrays of motors working in unison and learnt to control, manipulate and monitor them from the control room.

Robotics and Automation Club

I serve as the Secretary of the club and oversee most admin and financial duties. I am also the Lead of the Electrical and Electronics division and a part of Project Rebuild, where we make innovative solutions to COVID relief.

Gopi Electricals

I worked on the production of high voltage control panels and also installed the lighting and automation of a new plant in Premier Cotton Mills.

HAM Club

I serve as Media and Marketing Team lead and used to serve as Event Team Lead. We work on bringing more awareness about amateur radio and serve in disaster relief efforts. Our call sign is VU3HCF

Qubate Club

I serve as a Debate Moderator and I participate in MUNs, debates and other discussions. This is a place to showcase my public speaking and negotiating skills.

Class Representative

I have been the class representative in both polytechnic as well as in undergrad. It's a lot of responsibility and helps me improve my leadership skills.

EEE Department Association

I serve as the Higher Studies Coordinator and Executive Member. We conduct various events and workshops that help in teaching new skills and development.


Over the past several years of my educational career, I have won many awards. I have excerpted a few noteworthy awards below. Check my LinkedIn Page for more details.

Under Graduate




Industrial Automation

I'm good at programming and interfacing PLCs and HMIs alike. I also have experience in SCADA.


I have done countless electronics projects from drones to mini-fridges. I'm a good tinkerer.


I have plenty of experience building and interfacing robots for a wide range of practical applications.

Leadership & Communication

I have worked a great deal to master this in my life and I can deal with major problems with a calm and cool head.

Video Production

A picture speaks a 1000 words. But a video contains 60 pictures a second. I'm a fairly good and experienced videographer and editor.


Welding, Carpentry, Sheet Metal, Writing, Negotiating, Design Thinking, Project Planning and much more.

Months of Practical Work Experience
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Technical Competions Participated
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Electrical & Electronics Projects Designed and Built
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Unique People Influenced by my various content

Languages Known

One of my best skills is talking and communication. A major aspect of that is because I spend a lot of time learning new languages. The reasons may include school elective, natural interest or future preparation. I absolutely love meeting new people and am constantly in contact with the friends I made online. So knowing more languages is a boon to me.

Native / Full Professional Proficiency
Limited Working Proficiency
Limited Working Proficiency (B1)
Elementary Proficiency
Native / Bilingual Proficiency
Native / Bilingual Proficiency

He mattered to our team, highly professional and focused on his work. Despite the challenging deadlines and project implementation, he still went ahead and maintained a very positive attitude. No matter how tough some of the projects were, he responded well without anger or frustration.

Prakash Sivasakthi

SCADA Engineer, Keystone Automations Solutions Pvt Ltd

Prakash is a continuous learner, person with good notion of technical competence. He is a person with good art of various proficiencies and a collaborative learner

Anushree G

Class Advisor / Professor, Kumaraguru College of Technology

Prakash is a natural born leader, who can manage a group of people even in the last minute of works. He is an initiator, who doesn’t wait for opportunity to start the work. He repeatedly tries to create the kind of opportunity that he wants.

Sai Prashant

President, Robotics and Automation Club

He is a very sincere and hard worker in delivering his outcome. Trying to produce output in all his
activities with self skill. At the same time putting effort in organising or involving group activities. Entered into PACRPC at first year with good dreams. Peak target achievement is waiting for him.

Raja Gopal

HOD / Lecturer, P.A.C.R. Polytechnic College

A person who always strives to explore and achieve more with lots of confidence and utilises his time to make more results.

Viveka Vikram

President, HAM Club

Frequently Asked Questions


I have good technical knowledge and am very logical and practical with my approach. I have great leadership skills and can get any task done with a calm attitude. I’m a team player. I am an excellent negotiator and people person.

I’m not a great coder. I can write good algorithms and am good with data, but I do lack sufficient knowledge in programming. I never learnt any programming officially due to my admittance in polytechnic instead of high school. However, I did teach myself all the basics and am a fairly decent coder in python thanks to online resources.

I have experienced this many times and to be frank, I work best under pressure. All nighters are common for me. Over the years I have developed techniques to circumnavigate this like prior time management, resource planning and so much more.

From projects to international competitions, I have dealt with my fair share of troubles. Since, I was usually the leader of my teams, it would fall on me to cheer them up and boost morale. I learnt that a good distraction can help tremendously. Food, a short stroll or even a little singing session have all helped me encourage my team. Finally I have good speaking skills and can convince my team to keep moving forward.

Although this doesn’t happen often, there are two ways to look at this. One, I simply have to negotiate and discuss with my superior and try to tip their stance. Two, accept that I might be wrong even if I don’t see it right away.


I have good communication skills and am a friendly person. I absolutely enjoy meeting new people, so I have no problem talking to complete strangers and get to know them. This had led to me gaining lots of acquaintances. I believe one of the greatest boons in life is having a big network of brilliant and unique people.

I can lose my temper sometimes. I am a very confident person, sometimes, borderline overconfident.

Although I don’t get much of it during college days, I try to rest my mind and focus on something more entertaining. I watch Formula 1 every weekend. I make youtube videos when I get the time. I love going on long bike rides to the foothills. But predominantly, I listen to audiobooks. That’s what I do every night before bed.

Since I grew up in the Arabian Gulf, I’m going to have to say my favourite is Chicken Shawarma. But I also enjoy a good Pizza and spinach with rice.

I want to live in the most exciting cities, meet the most interesting people and really make a difference in whatever I do. I want to do more philanthropy as it, not unlike anyone else, makes me fulfilled. I also want to write a book one day. My ultimate goal is to be featured in Forbes 30 under 30. After that, Time’s 100 most Influential People. I know it’s ambitious, but as they say, you can never dream too big. And finally, I’d like to be buried in Mars. ;D

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