Prakash Ganesan

Career Timeline

I was born

We all have to start somewhere, right?

I was born in a small family clinic in a little town called Rajapalayam in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Pretty much the only thing my town is known for are the dogs here. And I'm proud about it. It's a beautiful place literally surrounded by mountains and hills drenched with many waterfalls. Amazing place.

Moved to Bahrain

My dad worked in Bahrain since before I was born, but I was brought up for 2 year by my mom's family, after which, I moved to The Kingdom of Bahrain with both my parents. I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in a golden country like Bahrain. It's given me so many opportunities and experiences.

The Asian School, Bahrain

Even today I am proud to have been an ASBian. The Asian School is generally considered an excellent and expensive private school. so, I'm very proud of my parents to have sacrificed so much in order to give me the best education possible. I studied in the same school from Kindergarten to 10th grade across 3 campuses. Met loads of people from all over India. 

The decisions I made during my school years are some that I am most proud of. I'm so glad I spent my time enjoying life and playing with my friends instead of being a book worm. I was never a spoilt kid or "bad apple" but was definitely the class clown. I never prioritised marks over other things and I don't regret it. Still so many things I could say about my school life, but won't be able fit all these word in one page. So I will leave it at that.